Top 4 Products to Tame Frizzy Hair

fuzzy-hairFrizzy hair is a scary term, and something no one hopes they ever have to deal with. However, there are a few unlucky ones who can’t seem to run a brush through their hair without feeling like they are ripping out their scalp . Frizzy hair may seem like a plague, however, there are products out there to help you! These are not just generic store brand products, but rather top salon and hair stylist recommended remedies. To keep your mane under control, here are the top 4 products to tame frizzy hair.


Hair care starts at the core of it: shampoo. It’s safe to say we all use shampoo, however using any shampoo is not the right answer for your frizzy hair. The Keune Care Line Ultimate Control Shampoo is a mild cleansing shampoo that controls and maintains frizzy hair. It contains essential minerals such as Silsoft, Liquid Keratin, and Vitamin B5 that leave your hair not only manageable, but smooth and healthy. Recommended for all types of frizzy hair. I suggest you to check the best hairdresser in town, and also a good fashion trainer who will know to select the best shoes, dress or suit for your, to get better understanding of the matter.


Leave-ins are imperative to protect your hair from dangerous elements while it is most susceptible. The Tosca Repair Fortifying Cream is a leave in that repairs, restores, and maintains vital moisture balance for your hair. It gives you more manageability over your frizz and curls while strengthening sensitive hair. Its bubble moisturizing formula leaves your hair looking glowingly alive and naturally soft.
Check out this informative video for how it is all done:


Looking to turn your frizzy hair into smooth spirals? The Brocato Curlinterrupted Curl Calming Balm works no matter how thick, curly, or your kinky your hair is. The unique formula spreads easily throughout your hair, leaving your locks feeling soft, shiny, and frizz-free, allowing your hair to move naturally without losing its style and shape, even in the most humid of climates. After applying generously throughout your hair, round brush and blow dry (we recommend Barbar blow dryers) to give you a stunning, unparalleled look.


Knock out your frizz and bring your hair from dull to dazzling! Sudzz FZ Zenyth Frizz Eliminator is an alcohol-free, light, non-oily polishing restorative that not only eliminates frizz, but leaves your hair looking silky. Humidity resistant with protection from the sun and dangerous UV rays will leave you carefree about ruining your hair outside. Mix a drop with your favorite styling product to take your hairstyle a step further. Users say this product works like magic, and you’ll see why!

Get the best Look – Hairstyles with Extensions

hair-extensionsThere’s no reason to let short, fine or flat hair keep you from getting the look you want when clip-in and wrap around hair extensions offer a convenient solution. Make your hair look longer or fuller with these additions that can help you achieve many hairstyles that don’t look fake, provided you use your extensions correctly. Think of them as a part of your hair and care for them properly, and you can create gorgeous hairstyles with extensions that will take your look from flat to fab.

High, sleek pony – ultimate view

When your hair is pin straight, it can look very thin when in ponytail opposed to that fuller look that wavy and curly hair achieve. But we know you want that sleek, smooth look so here is how to achieve it. All you need for this style is some strong-hold gel like Sebastian Gel Forte and a straight, faux ponytail piece.

You can begin with clean or unwashed hair. Start by spraying the top of your hair lightly with water and combing in some gel. Secure your hair in a high ponytail with an elastic. Simply take you faux ponytail piece and clip it onto your existing hair. If your extension came with an extra piece of hair, wrap it around the base of the ponytail for a polished look. Hint: If your hair is very short, put it in a high bun and attach the extension to that rather than trying to get your shorter hairs to blend with the ponytail piece.


One of the reasons we love extensions is that you can change the look of your hair without using damaging heat tools and it saves time! For this sweet look you will need a strong-hold hairspray like Keune Design Line Shaping Hairspray Super and a curly, faux ponytail piece.

Begin by styling your bangs with a slightly off-center part and spray them lightly with hairspray. Next, use a round brush to lightly backcomb the crown of your head to create lift and volume. Again, spray lightly with hairspray. Pull your natural hair into a low bun and clip on your ponytail piece. To finish the look, pull some face-framing pieces out and curl them with a small-barreled iron.

Styled but wild bun

Use wavy extensions and a bit of flexible-hold hairspray like Tosca Curl Twisting Spritz to achieve this look. Start with wavy hair by using your natural hair or adding some waves with a curling iron. Lightly brush out your curls to create flowy waves and spray with hairspray. Next, clip in your wavy extensions in sections starting below your ear and working up to just below the crown and finger comb the synthetic waves into your natural ones.

You can stop there to have long wavy hair or continue to get the ultimate messy bun. Simply pull your existing look to the side and create a messy bun by wrapping it with an elastic. If your hair is a little messier than you desire then use bobby pins and hairspray to tame a few stray pieces.

No matter what hairstyle you decide to create, it won’t ever look as good as it could if you don’t care for your hair extensions properly. Be sure to use a hair extension care kit to keep them in good shape.

From Dark to Light: Ombre Hair Technique

ombre-hairEven those who aren’t hair enthusiasts are most likely familiar with the term ombre. Ombres are taking over the world, from super models to athletes to people you work with, they are versatile and work on just about anyone. While they seem scary at first, it really is hard to go wrong with an ombre. The results are gorgeous and honestly, easy to achieve with proper ombre hair technique.

For those of you who may not be familiar with what an ombre is, it is light pieces of hair beneath the hairline. Ombres are not only a simple way to spice up your look, but are also good for trying out a new hair color for the first time, as you are not fully committing to your entire head of hair. They can be done in a salon or are simple enough to do them yourself.

Ombres are achieved through a technique called Balayage. Balayage does not use foil to spread the color throughout your hair, but rather a thin paddle, or a recommended balayage coloring brush. When not using foil, it is important to use heavier volumes of lightener and to keep it moist, especially if you already have layers of colors in your ends.

If you are doing a base color, ombres are done in two steps. Start with your base color, then let that dry cleanly. After it dries, add highlights to the lower portion of your hair. Remember, without foil, the process takes a little longer, so make sure not to rush it or add the second color prematurely! A little bleeding is alright, and likely to happen, but you don’t want it to get too messy and blend together too much.
Check out this video to see how it is getting done:

If you are not doing a base color and just dying the bottom portion of your hair, the process is a little easier. Simply section off the last third of your hair with a hair tie, and apply the lightener with your paddle or Balayage brush. Let it sit for at least 20 minutes. Then take out your hair tie and spread color throughout to an inch above the sectioned off area.

There are a few general recommendations for everyone getting an ombre. If you plan on cutting your hair anytime soon, it is better to do it before dying your hair. That way you won’t be chopping off any of your hard work! Also, make sure your hair is completely saturated before starting. Ombres are not only highlights, they can also be lowlights with highs and lows. Remember, there is no wrong way to ombre. Anything goes!

Don’t be scared of an ombre, it is easier than it looks!